Bivision Pharmaceuticals completed two rounds of financing within a year, leading the development of visual diagnosis and treatment integrated nuclear drugs
Bivision Pharmaceuticals completed two rounds of financing within a year, leading the development of visual diagnosis and treatment integrated nuclear drugs

In 2021, Bivision Pharmaceuticals (hereinafter referred to as "Bivision") was co-founded by Dr.Haihua Yu, Dr.Yu Wang and other two biotech veterans. Dr.Haihua Yu worked in GSK for more than 10 years in new drug research and development, and later joined Huayi Technology to take charge of Molecular Imaging and Drug Research Institute; Dr.Yu Wang has been engaged in small molecule nuclear drugs and other targeted coupling drug research and development for more than 20 years in Endocyte (which has been acquired by Novartis) and Eli Lilly and other international well-known pharmaceutical companies, and has experience in new drug research and development of several NDA and IND in the United States.


This round of financing will be used to accelerate the preclinical development of multiple innovative nuclear drugs and carry out Clinical phase 1 studies of the fastest pipeline, and upgrade the nuclear drug research and development platform to further consolidate its leading position in the field of targeted nuclear drugs.



Dr.Haihua Yu, co-founder and CEO of Bivision, said:


"This time by GaoRong Capital, VI Ventures and other international well-known venture capital institutions a new round of investment, but also by the old shareholders continue to trust and support, in the" capital winter "environment is not only the recognition and affirmation of the Bivision team and projects, but also for the visual diagnosis and treatment of integrated targeted nuclear drugs field. Visual diagnosis and treatment integrated targeted nuclear drugs through the use of PET/CT and other equipment can not only achieve systemic dynamic, non-invasive early visual diagnosis and rating, but also achieve the evaluation of therapeutic effect; At the same time, targeted radiotherapies (TRT) fully combine the advantages of targeted drugs and physical rays, and solve the current clinical pain points from the aspects of drug dosage, safety and overcoming drug resistance, providing a new drug choice for patients at home and abroad.”



Dr. Jingyi Liu of GaoRong Capital, said:


"As a new type of differentiated treatment worldwide, targeted nuclear drugs have a very broad market prospect. As an emerging field, the development ideas and screening evaluation of targeted nuclear drugs are quite different from those of traditional drugs, facing more problems and challenges, and higher technical barriers. The founding team of Bivision Biological comes from the industry's star enterprises Endocyte/Novartis, Siemens, GSK, Huayi, etc., and has the research and development experience of international listed nuclear drugs. I believe that the team can make full use of the advantages of the technology platform, accelerate the development process of product pipeline, and bring new hope to the global patients as soon as possible."



Guangwei Yu, Executive President of KaiTai Capital, said:


"The co-founding team of Bivision has the global first-line level of targeted nuclide drug research and development experience, from the pre-clinical targeting ligand screening, coupling technology application, radiopharmaceutics optimization, thermochemical CMC and other whole process development experience, while using its own multi-functional coupling technology platform (J-Linker), It provides a strong and favorable innovation source and competitive advantage for the later research and development of Crystal karyotes."



Wenzhe Zhou from VI Ventures said:


"Therapeutic targeted nuclear drugs is a high threshold, high access field, is still a relatively new track, from the number of drugs have been listed at home and abroad, this field is still a blue ocean, with great market prospects. The new field means new challenges, and I believe that the team of Bivision has the strength to stand out from this field and become a global leader in this field."


About Bivision:


Founded in 2021, Bivision is an innovative biotech company committed to develop the next generation of targeted radionuclide therapy (TRT). Bivision was founded by a group of biotech veterans who have extensive experience and track record in the field of targeted radionuclide therapy. Their hands-on experience and vision to develop new radiopharmaceuticals build up a solid foundation for Bivision to plan and execute its TRT drug discovery and development projects. Since its inception, the key proprietary technology platforms for nuclear drug development were built in the aspect of ligand screening, linker conjugation (J-Linker technology) and clinical transformation. The synchronous development and effective integration of these platforms are the core driving force for the rapid advancement of the product pipeline. The company's first drug candidate is currently under clinical development.


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