Blockbuster signing: Bivision Pharmaceuticals reached a clinical priority supply agreement with China Isotope & Radiation Corporation for n.c.a.Lu-177 isotope
Blockbuster signing: Bivision Pharmaceuticals reached a clinical priority supply agreement with China Isotope & Radiation Corporation for n.c.a.Lu-177 isotope

April 3, 2023 Bivision Pharmaceuticals (hereinafter referred to as "Bivision"), a biopharmaceutical company committed to develop a new generation of integrated targeted radionuclide therapy (TRT) for significant unmet medical needs, and China Isotope & Radiation Corporation, a leading domestic nuclear drug company and the sole partner designated by German ITM in China, today announced the official signing of a clinical priority supply agreement for Lu-177 isotope.


Based on the terms of the agreement, China Isotope & Radiation Corporation will supply n. c. a. Lu-177 nuclide to Bivision with priority for Bivison’s clinical and later commercial needs. Bivision will use the n. c. a. Lu-177 supplied by China Isotope & Radiation Corporation to accelerate the development of theranostic products for the significant unmet medical needs.


Left: Dr. Haihua Yu, founder and CEO of Bivision, right: Jin Du, chief engineer of China Isotope & Radiation Corporation


As a novel differentiated treatment, targeted radionuclide therapy (TRT) fully combines the advantages of targeted drugs and radiation, not only revolutionary solves the current clinical issues in the aspects of drug dosage, drug safety and drug resistance, but provides a new drug choice for patients worldwide. In recent years, the TRT market has grown rapidly. However, due to the half-life of radionuclides, a reliable supply chain of radionuclides is extremely important for the radiopharmaceutical industry. It becomes one of the key competitive factors for innovative pharmaceutical companies to be success in the field.


Left: Dr. Haihua Yu, founder and CEO of Bivision, right: Guoxiang Li , assistant general manager of China Isotope & Radiation Corporation


According to Bivision, the company is working with leading enterprises worldwide to build diversified radionuclide supply channels to ensure the steady supply of radionuclides for both R&D and clinical development of company’s TRT products. China Isotope & Radiation Corporation is China's largest diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceutical supply and service enterprises; Germany ITM is one of the world's largest manufacturers of medical radioisotopes. With signing this agreement, it becomes an important milestone for Bivison to transform our R&D programs to clinical stage. It also reveals that Bivision has been recognized as the leader in TRT by top partners in the field of nuclear medicine in China.



On the left: R. Yu Haihua, founder and CEO of Crystal Core, and on the right: Zhong Zhong, representative of ITM of Germany


Dr. Yu Haihua, founder and CEO of Bivision, said:


"We are very honored to enter into a preferential supply agreement with China Isotope & Radiation Corporation for Lu-177, which will provide a strong and favorable guarantee for the development of Bivision’s clinical products. Bivision has always been focused on the independent research and development of a new generation of targeted radionuclide therapy, and our unique proprietary technology platform has achieved high uptake, long retention of radiopharmaceuticals in tumors and rapid clearance of other non-target organs. With the stable and reliable supply of n.c.a. Lu-177, we believe that we can not only accelerate R&D process, but bring products to the market much faster. It will benefit patients worldwide with much accurate, safe and effective theranostic radiopharmaceutical products.


China Isotope & Radiation Corporation said:


"The successful signing the contract between China Isotope & Radiation Corporation and Bivision is the beginning of good cooperation between the two sides. This is a solid step for both sides in the field of innovation and development of new generation radionuclide drugs. According to the agreement, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the direction of stable supply of new generation radionuclides and regulatory application in both China and the United States. The two sides will establish a stable, long term and cooperative relationship, optimize their respective resource allocation, and help to speed up the development of domestic new-generation radionuclides. As an innovative company in the field of targeted radionuclide therapy in China, Bivision has extensive experience in drug design and development as well as new drug marketing in the field of targeted radionuclide therapy. We look forward to accompanying and assisting them in their journey of innovative drug research and development."


About Bivision: Founded in 2021, Bivision is an innovative biotech company committed to develop the next generation of targeted radionuclide therapy (TRT). Bivision was founded by a group of biotech veterans who have extensive experience and track record in the field of targeted radionuclide therapy. Their hands-on experience and vision to develop new radiopharmaceuticals build up a solid foundation for Bivision to plan and execute its TRT drug discovery and development projects. Since its inception, the key proprietary technology platforms for nuclear drug development were built in the aspect of ligand screening, linker conjugation (J-Linker technology) and clinical transformation. The synchronous development and effective integration of these platforms are the core driving force for the rapid advancement of the product pipeline. The company's first drug candidate is currently in the process to file IND applications.


China Isotope & Radiation Corporation China Isotope & Radiation Corporation is a leading nuclear technology application enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service. It has many years of radionuclide and drug supply experience and profound industry accumulation. In recent years, it has made remarkable achievements in the layout of drug production capacity, the construction of scientific research platform and the construction of distribution channels. In the field of medical application, China Isotope & Radiation Corporation is the largest radiopharma supply and service enterprise for diagnostic and therapeutic use in China, and has rich practical experience in the introduction and supply of new generation radionuclides.